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CorelDraw Restore Toolbox

Fixes the damage of CorelDraw illustrations on any computer and without the physical connection to some external
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4 September 2013

Editor's review

The Vector graphic editing design software has the neat capability to make some of the stunning designs which can meet high standards. Designers and users of this tool, who puts massive efforts in the prospect of creating high level designs cannot afford to loose them. Hence CorelDraw Restore Toolbox 1.0.0 becomes a very handy solution that can stand in the defense of the damaging of the corruption or damage of the CDR files. Packed with state of the art recovery algorithm, CorelDraw Restore Toolbox 1.0.0 gives a helping hand in not only providing the assistance of digging up the rotten files stored in the depth of the system but also fully repairs them and enables the users to make further changes on it.

Designed with simplistic UI, this software application has only few manual options for you to work on. You have to browse the corrupted CDR file and click on the Analyze button to execute the functioning of it. CorelDraw Restore Toolbox 1.0.0 instantly goes into investigating file structure of CDR documents and repairs the damaged portions effectively. You can use CorelDraw Restore Toolbox 1.0.0 not only to salvage the damaged CDR files placed in your computer, but also can repair those files that are corrupted and are lying on other PC via LAN. Most importantly the tool can keep the integrity of the files in tact and ensures that the files are perfectly readable and usable. To give you a better picture of the repaired files, you can preview them with options provided by it.

CorelDraw Restore Toolbox 1.0.0 can enable you to salvage the corrupted files neatly and offers every possible help to get back you vital drawings and designs as quickly as possible. Thence a score of 4 is appropriately set against the application on a scale of five.

Publisher's description

CorelDraw Restore Toolbox is exactly what you are looking for to resolve the corruption of CDR illustrations, somehow damaged on your own or neighbor computer. Once started, this program quickly analyzes the structure of corresponding CDR document and attempts restoring this file when it is possible. Feel free getting the installation file of CorelDraw Restore Toolbox and comparing this document with competitor solutions, it is safe because CorelDraw Restore Toolbox never modifies corrupted documents in use so you should not worry about the integrity of selected file.
Keep in mind this program is compatible with Windows 98-Windows 7 and all available versions of CorelDraw as well so get the setup file of this tool and start repairing corrupted images in CDR format when ready. The way of CDR document restoration, offered by CorelDraw Restore Toolbox, is often more efficient than similar tools and services and safer than external data recovery companies. Besides, CorelDraw Restore Toolbox protects the privacy of all operations on your own computer or within the local area network of your company when users open CDR files remotely, from other PC's in LAN. Thanks to the ease of its interface, the users of CorelDraw Restore Toolbox do not have any difficulties during the processing of damaged CDR files, just trigger the analysis and get some rest, there are no extra settings.
Since it is absolutely free to try, users may get its installation file for evaluation anytime the corruption of CorelDraw illustrations occurs and check if it is really good enough to resolve the damage of CDR files in your personal case, it should not take a lot of time, just follow all guidelines of this software to proceed, wait until the results appear and preview the data, repaired by this tool, it is the easiest way of evaluating the efficiency of CorelDraw Restore Toolbox.
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CorelDraw Restore Toolbox
CorelDraw Restore Toolbox
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